Don't Live in Fear of Deportation

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Are you worried about deportation? Call an experienced immigration attorney in Kearny, NJ who serves the entire North Jersey area. The Law Office Of Gregory J Eck, LLC works with immigrants and temporary workers to secure legal standing in the United States. Our immigration attorney relies on over a decade of experience to help our clients achieve positive results.

Don't gamble with your livelihood and family's security. Call Kearny, New Jersey's top immigration law firm today at 201-604-2544 to set up a free consultation.

3 reasons to hire a criminal defense attorney

Don't let a criminal accusation change the course of your life. An attorney from the Law Office Of Gregory J Eck will:



Explain what your charges mean



Gather evidence to support your case



Represent you in and out of court

Speak with a criminal defense attorney in Kearny, NJ right away by calling 201-604-2544. Se habla espaƱol tambien.

Is your family changing shape?

If you're going through a divorce, child custody battle or an adoption, turn to the Law Office Of Gregory J Eck. Our skilled family law attorney can help you handle the legal ups and downs of your family life.

Our focus on family and immigration law makes us uniquely capable of handling a wide range of complicated family issues.

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